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Nov. 15th, 2014 06:52 pm
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What the frag do you want?

[Deadlock: charming, even in recording.]

If you're selling something, I'm gonna shoot you in the face.


Nov. 9th, 2014 11:45 am
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Character Info

◎ Character's Name: Deadlock

◎ Character's Canon: Transformers, IDW

◎ Character's Age: > 5 million

◎ Canon Point: Right after speaking to Braid and Lockdown, returning to Crystal City, CRAU pull point at end of Crux Fleet's crazy adventures

◎ Background/History:

Here's a wiki link but only the first six or so paragraphs are relevant.

Deadlock began his life as Drift, a mech in the gutters under Cybertron. He did a host of lowlife bad things including theft and drug use, because it was a miserable life and any escape was welcome. He was forced to steal to survive, and turned to circuit boosters to forget, not caring if he lived or died.

While in the gutters, he met Gasket, a mech who helped other homeless mechs band together to live. He overdosed on circuit boosters, only to be ‘saved’ by Orion Pax and Ratchet, but though they offerend him opportunities, his pride made him turn them down and go back into the streets.

One day, Gasket’s band got in a scuffle with some Security mechs, and Gasket was accidentally shot and killed. Drift snatched up one of the guns, and, without thinking, shot and killed all three of the Security mechs. This was when he discovered his 'gift for violence'.

But it wasn't much of a gift: he had to go into hiding. Killing other guttermechs was not a big deal: killing cops was. So he hid, until the underworld of Cybertron took him in, training his innate abilities, and using him as a bodyguard. It was there, he discovered how corrupt all of Cybertronian society was. When he attended a rally led by the charismatic miner-turned-arena-revolutionary, he was singled out by Megatron, and asked if he would fight for a better Cybertron. Of course he agreed, and was granted the new name of Deadlock.

He fought alongside Megatron early in the war, and moved to serve under Turmoil as second-in-command. He disagreed, strenuously, with Turmoil's command: Turmoil was too cautious, and not fighting hard enough to win the war. He disobeyed Turmoil's orders, and when his own mechs threatened to turn him in, he shot one point blank in the head.

Deadlock's mechs subdued him, turning him over to Turmoil who planned to kill him for his insolence. Deadlock fought his way free, setting the ship on emergency lockdown before escaping in a pod.

The pod landed on a distant planet, and here he was found by Wing, one of the refugees from the early days of the War. Wing wanted his help freeing a bunch of slaves: Deadlock would take them off planet. Deadlock pretended to go along, but made a break for the ship immediately, an action that almost got him killed. Wing rescued him (somehow), bringing him back to the hidden City, and getting him rebuilt.

Wing stands up to Dai Atlas and the Circle of Light, arguing for Deadlock's life, and is given the task of keeping the Decepticon out of trouble. He does this by offering Deadlock a deal: fight him, hand-to-hand, every day. If Deadlock wins, he can go free. This is a trick, of course, because Wing is a master of hand-to-hand, but it keeps Deadlock fighting.

He's heard the hidden transmission, and he follows its instructions out to the coordinates on the planet's surface, where he meets the for-hire Lockdown, who's been commissioned by Megatron himself to bring Deadlock back into the fold. Lockdown's done a deal with the slavers from the base they attacked the first night, who want Cybertronian technology to pursue their aim of endless life. If they can't have Deadlock, they'll take, oh the rest of Crystal City. Seems a fair exchange, right? Deadlock's heading back from this tete a tete when he's taken.

◎ Is the character a hacker and/or do they have a sixth-sense? Nope! He’s a gun guy.

◎ Personality:

Deadlock doesn’t trust anybody, and violence is not only always an answer--in his mind, it’s almost always the right answer.

But he’s not entirely a brute, just brutal. He fights for a reason, and that’s to win the war so no one has to live the kind of life he’d had, one where he was a 'wasted spark' no one would ever miss. He’s an idealist, believe it or not, willing to do anything to ensure a future free from injustice. The war matters because a Decepticon victory means--Deadlock thinks--ustice, fairness, everyone taken care of with no one slipping through the cracks. Violence is the best and fastest and most direct way, in his mind, to get to that goal—as Megatron says, burn the world so they can rebuild it. Mechs like him had no choice ending up in the Dead End, and the anger he's felt his whole life kindles his zeal that this never happen again. The Autobots, in his mind, stand for the old way, the Senate, the Decepticon Registration Act's trick, all of it: they stand for the world that tried to grind him down. He will do anything to prevent them from winning.

So while he’s violent, he does have his own moral code: he won’t attack the weak or unarmed, those who don’t stand in the way of his mission. It's not pity or anything, they are just literally not in his sights. He will only do, well, those underhanded Decepticon things for a reason: he betrays Wing in an attempt to get back to the war, just like he shoots his own mech when the mech threatened to tattle him out to Turmoil: nothing gets in the way of Deadlock's mission. He lies, in an attempt to get back to the war. Without the war to get back to (once he actually understands that in game) he will turn his attentions to trying to fight for the weak and oppressed in this world. He has no skills other than fighting, and is not particularly well-educated, and will likely be kind of touchy about that—he never HAD the opportunity to get some fancy education because he was neglected and starving in the gutters, etc.

His moral code involves precisely zero loyalty to actual people, only the idea of victory, the fairness of a better Cybertron he's always wanted. To do that, he doesn't care who he has to betray, what 'rules' or stupid orders he has to ignore or outright break. They don't matter. Only winning does.

He has never owned anything (well, other than his guns) so he is a bit hostile to those who own property or have educations or wealth or soft lives--all the things he never did. Wealthy people will be automatically suspect to him, because they remind him of the Autobots before the war, who happily sat on their wealth while mechs like him suffered.

He tries not to have friends. He had one good friend, Gasket, and when Gasket died it really changed him. Friends are dangerous and they make you weak. Also it just hurts too much when they die. He also hasn’t had a lot of practice at hiding his emotions, when he’s mad, he’s mad, and when he’s lying, it’s really obvious. So, he’s a spiky ball of Get the Hell Away From Me, which would be just headache-inducingly awesome for any telepaths in the area.

This sounds kind of munchkin-ish, but he has no real fear—that whole ‘nothing to lose so why the hell not?’ kind of thing. In canon, he stares a fusion cannon aimed at his head square in the face, and coolly fights his way free. In combat, he’s at the front of the line, and one of those who seems to come out untouched. If he did have a fear, it would be that the Decepticons would lose and the Autobots and their oppressive society would win.

◎ Powers/Abilities:

Like all Cybertronians he can change forms, from a bipedal bot mode to a vehicle mode (in his case, a hovercar, a fast, light sportscar type vehicle).

He is an expert with firearms, a natural with the benefit of millions of years of training, and has some skill in hand-to-hand, thanks to his daily sparring sessions with Wing. He’s still a bit of a brawler, though, instead of Wing’s more fluid style.

◎ Weapons & Other Special Inventory:

· Two combat pistols, rechargeable, standard issue

· An Autobot issue grenade, mounted on a plaque and labeled ‘Boomer’. It is a trophy, shush.

· An energon convertor http://tfwiki.net/wiki/Energon_convertor#IDW_Generation_1_continuity because soldiers need to not run out of fuel

· His most recent Crux Noodlebot—a small, goofy-looking remote control robot the Crux staff made so his kind could fit into human-sized spaces. Its face has a tendency to glitch or to get stuck in some bizarre freakish grin. And it may randomly explode. He suspects his hatred of that McEngineer guy is mutual. The noodlebot is the least imposing thing to ever exist, standing barely over 5’ tall.


◎ Element: Fire: he’s all about passion, without much moderation and like fire can ‘burn out of control’

◎ Sense: Hearing: there were parts of the gutters that were devoid of light. Even with red optics that can see infrared, so they often had to use hearing. In canon we do see that Deadlock can hear people talking about him thinking they’re out of range.

◎ Seven Character Traits:

( Loyal, Resourceful, Idealist ) | ( Stubborn, Wary, Fearless) + uneducated


◎ First-Person Sample: here!

◎ Third-Person Sample:

Right. Wait here, like so much luggage. Unwanted, again. Surprise. Deadlock dropped his weight onto one of the steps running up to whatever this fancy council chamber place was, letting his feet deliberately scrape along the pavement. Inside, Wing and his Knight friends, talking, talking, endlessly talking. Never realized, none of them, that talking solved nothing.

If talking ever worked, they wouldn’t have had to leave Cybertron in the first place, would they have? He felt the sneer creep across his face. Guess that’s what happens when you live underground: you begin to think your cowardice is virtue, the way you think living in darkness is really living.

He glared at the city around him, almost offensively clean and tidy, everyone zipping along with that sense of comfortable urgency—a place to go, but no real haste to get there. He felt something like a shiver twitching over his control lines, and thought of the gutters: also underground, but dark, fetid, and aimless. This city bustled: in the gutters, no one moved unless they had to, to conserve energy, and when they did it was with an almost driving hurry, trying to reach some escape velocity none of them did.

None of them except Deadlock. He’d left Drift behind in the gutters, the name and the past discarded. That wasn’t who he was: Drift had been weak and filthy and powerless. He was none of those things. He was strong and feared and a warrior—Megatron’s own.

Using that name here had been a mistake. A misstep, Deadlock corrected. He didn’t make mistakes. Mistakes were fatal, and here he was, still alive. He’d thought he’d need it for a cycle at most, the reek of the past, the name of a nobody no one knew or cared about, least of all him. He hadn’t thought he’d be expected to live in it, here, and every time they called him it it sounded fake, false, a soured, off-key note. He wasn’t Drift. He was Deadlock, and he had a war to fight.

◎ Is your character retaining any previous game memories?

Yes, I’d like to bring him in with Crux-Fleet memories. While there, Deadlock had to deal with gross human organic grossnesses, and Autobots, because if h didn't play nice they'd stuff his spark back into cold storage and he doesn't want that. He can be trained! Kind of.

Deadlock began his illustrious stay getting stuck rooming in a hangar with a gross Autobot Flashpoint, because they, being Cybertronians, were too big to fit into the refugee housing. This was one of many ways the Crux officers got on his very large bad side. He stole one of her grenades, because he is a crafty mech, and as a Decepticon, clearly superior to her (never mind that he was jealous that she got a whole box of munitions and only he got two guns), and promptly got convinced by her that he’d been hacked by the creepy humans. What a great first night's sleep fodder!

His life was hell, in short. He joined the Crux military, because all the other choices were even lamer. And it actually paid. And he gets to shoot things.  Most of his fighting experience there happened due to mishaps—invaders on the ship, or a tentacle creature suddenly appearing in his room, bikers blowing up half the station, that sort of thing. He’s like a chaos magnet.

He also fell victim to a terrible virus while in the medibay getting treatment for one of his epic exploit injuries, that made him...nice. It was weird, but at least Flashpoint's grenades got dusted and organized for once. One day, he's going to stick magnets to Flashpoint's face to erase those memories.  Shush, he's convinced it'll work.

And even if it doesn't, he played 'secret admirer', hiring Axl to serenade Flashpoint, very loudly, over the entire ship comm. Watching her freak out was probably the best moment in his life.  If she ever finds out it was him, he is so totally dead.

He will remember humans (he never met any of them before in canon) so that won’t have to be played out. Though, I have to admit McEngineer, the human with which he had the most dealings, was kind of an idiot so he doesn’t have the greatest impression about humans, and their technological competence.

He’ll also remember the other Autobots—a pile of Senators (whom he kept trying to kill because he blames them for the war) and his former-roomie Flashpoint. She has rescued him more than once (NOT that he’ll ever admit it or ugh thank her for it), most recently from pig demons, but he knows she’s secretly jealous of his swag.
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Backtagging: Yes
Threadhopping: Yes
Fourthwalling: If you can figure out a way, sure!
Offensive subjects (elaborate): I can't think of any?


Hugging this character: Sure
Kissing this character: If you're crazy, why not?
Flirting with this character: Why not and break his tiny brain?
Fighting with this character: Totally going to happen
Injuring this character (include limits and severity): Please discuss OOC. I am open to things but kind of want a heads up if there's plot stuff I've already planned.
Killing this character: No, thanks, at least if I read it right?
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: Bring it on!

Deadlock is a giant transforming robot with no manners.
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Deadlock is a robot who transforms into a hovercar.  He has no special abilities like telepathy or magic that would require explicit permission that I can think of. 

In general though:

backtagging: YES
hugging/kissing/fighting: YES
carjacking him in his car mode: YES
ability to use your power on him, short of permanent injury or death: YES

Contact me--pm works best--if anything does come up. I'm game for almost anything, but I just want a heads up! 


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Crit goes here. 


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